Best free Android apps for online learning

Online learning means in short “Online learning is a way to lead the world as a leader”. Leave the traditional way of learning and learn online to stay in a smart generation. Read our full post of Best free android apps for online learning.

We are living in the 21st Century and In this century everything grows rapidly. So we need to adopt new and high tech techniques to educate our children and mates. In the Traditional education system, the teacher teaches everything via books in classrooms but now we have digital and online classrooms to learn everything. Digital classrooms and online learning are very efficient and a great platform for students to learn their needy courses. On best free android apps for online learning, you can learn at any time and at anywhere. We can stop/resume any course when feeling bor. In online learning medium, we have many ways to learn something as per our needs as we can learn via videos, articles, diagrams etc.

In the modern world its better we adopt online learning medium to save our time. So for students, we take the initiative to provide Best free android apps for online learning. From these apps, you can learn easily as per your need and you can grow with the world, not behind the world. In this list of best free android apps for online learning, all are tested by our team and by myself. After testing them I can say these all are great and advance apps for an advanced student. All are providing basic to pro level courses free of cost as well as paid, it’s your choice which one better for you. Also, I want to add one more thing all free courses are great, you can learn basic and intermediate level things of them.

Best free Android apps for online learning

1. Coursera: Best free android apps for online learning

There’s a lot to explore on Coursera, and you can usually do so for free — by “auditing” a class or viewing lectures without enrolling. However, these options are a bit buried; much more prominent is the option to earn certificates through self-paced Specialization bundles with a range of monthly prices. #1 Best free android apps for online learning. 

  • Take university courses from respected institutions, wherever you are.
  • Dig deep into a subject with “Specializations,” such as Wharton’s 6-course Business Foundations.
  • Get recognition for your work with course and Specialization certificates, or even earn an accredited online master’s degree.

2. Khan Academy: Best free Android apps for online learning

With Khan Academy learning app you can study math, science and more at your own pace, anytime, and completely free. Often used by educators, Khan’s classes are free, with no account required. However, you’ll need to sign in for “Missions,” a feature that saves your progress and guides your learning. The curriculum is designed around the US school system, but contains plenty of valuable content for UK students. #2 Best free android apps for online learning. 

  • Students of all ages will find something to learn, with many courses by year (primary to secondary school).
  • Interactive quizzes with thousands of questions, plus helpful videos and hints for when you get stuck.
  • A rich course library: in-depth maths and science content, plus offerings in humanities, economics, and more.


3. Udemy: Best free Android apps for online learning

Anyone can teach on Udemy, which means you can find a range of courses on almost anything. It also means the homepage can feel overwhelming, and there’s no common standard for quality, which varies widely. However, free sample videos and numerous course reviews should point you in the right direction. #3 Best free android apps for online learning. 

  • Choose from over 45,000 courses with a range of subjects and instructors, paying for only the classes you want.
  • Find exactly what you want — say, freestyle rap or 3D animation — along with that soap-making class you didn’t know you needed.
  • Many affordable options thanks to frequent sales, with a 30-day money back guarantee for all courses.

4. Udacity: Best free Android apps for online learning

Udacity is one of the more intense learning apps on the list. It is a lot like Udemy. You can enroll in courses and learn new things. However, the difference is that Udacity focuses on in-demand job skills such as computer programming, app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. They do have free courses, but the big stuff will cost you some money. Each course comes with a nano-degree that shows that you completed the studies. Google even partners with them from time to time to host courses. #4 Best free android apps for online learning. 

5. BYJU’s: Best free Android apps for online learning

Great video tutorials and an easy to use interface make Byju’s an ideal learning tool for aspirants. Register, select course and it will set you up with a study plan, basic lessons and tools to track progress. “Online” subscriptions helps stream more classes while “Offline” subscriptions allow you to save content on SD cards. #5 Best free android apps for online learning. 

  • Personalised study plans that cater to various ages from middle school students to GMAT and CAT aspirants.
  • Localised video lessons are used to explain even the most complex subjects easily with simpler examples.
  • Can be synced easily to the ‘Parent Connect’ app which helps parents keep track of children’s progress.

Note: You can also try Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books, if you do not find the content of the study according to your meanings in the above given apps.
Happy reading enjoy 🙂