How we choose our best apps and software:

How we choose our best apps and software:

Hey Geeks, happy to find you on our How we choose our best apps and software page. That's mean you're interested in our apps analyzing parameters. It's good for the valuable reader to know why we choose these only. Today in this article, I am gonna to share some steps which are necessary or must be included in our every testing. This pages will be updated frequently so we suggest you please visit regularly.
Naseeb Panghal

Apps Analysis Criteria

  • Every app should have a million plus downloads.
  • Only 4 and up to 5-star apps are included( according to google play store).
  • Developers Details.
  • Must have 50k + reviews.
  • Reliable.

Apps Ranking Parameter

  • App download.
  • App rating.
  • App download and app rating ratio.
  • Regular updates.
  • App Age ( OLD and High rated apps must be preferred by our team).
  • Google editors Choice.
  • App play.
  • Graphics.
  • Control.
  • User Interface.
  • App support.
  • App size ( this condition applied on only gaming apps).

Attention Please

If you have you're own apps & software and if you think you're apps can appear in our best apps list. Than most welcome share your details Via contact us page. We really appreciate and thankful if you contact.